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When feeling troubled and in need of a helping hand, Clearview Counselling in Sheffield is the ideal place to start taking control of your life. Situated in a beautiful part of Sheffield, on the very edge of the idyllic Endcliffe Park. Easy to reach from all parts of Sheffield, Clearview Counselling offers many different styles of counselling services.

You may be experiencing a painful loss or bereavement, separation, divorce, redundancy, bullying or perhaps you feel you have low self-esteem or your confidence is non-existent. Whatever issues are affecting your life, the first and often hardest step is to realise that there is a problem and take action to get help. Clearview Counselling Sheffield offers a comfortable and friendly environment to voice your concerns and get the advice you need to move forward from whatever is holding you back.

In Brief:

  • Brochure Style Website
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Setup
  • Content Management System
  • Fully Responsive

Clearview Counselling Sheffield Website Screenshots showing responsive design

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The Outline:

Cathy Clements, a fully qualified counsellor, has been in the counselling business for quite some time working for other companies. Feeling ready to set up on her own, Cathy realised that she would need a website to promote her business to potential new clients.

Clearview Counselling needed a brand new logo which would come across as calming and serene. We also needed some great stock images to really bring the website to life. Cathy also wanted to incorporate some quotations that she felt really summed up what counselling was all about.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Confucious"

The Solution

Cathy didn't really have a colour scheme in mind, so I created a few different styles of logo for her to view. We decided that very natural colours with a highlight of greens would really set the scene for the calming environment that she wanted to promote.

Most of the website needed to showcase the services that are provided, so creating pages to answer any questions that potential clients may have was imperative here, a handy guide to Cathy's approach and an Information page were the best options.

Cathy has gained some valuable comments and feedback from some customers and it was important to show these. Trust could then be built up, prior to being contacted by someone who may already be struggling with a decision to confide in a stranger.

The contact page is an extremely important part of any website and we included Google maps and directions alongside Cathy's contact details and a submission form.

This website is fully responsive to suit any device.